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Why is this website here?

I have created this website to house accounts of Anomalous Experiences which have happened to me over the course of my lifetime.

Several of my friends have expressed a desire to learn more about my experiences. I have put up this site for the primary purpose of making it easier for everyone to access the information.

My 1st Encounter At Age Three .....

In 1942, when I was three years old, I lived in Sheldon, Missouri with my parents and sister, Sandra, who was then about a year and a half old. Early one winter evening, I lay in bed, alone in a room, because I had what my mother called the croup. She had given me a dose of honey and powdered alum, which was a common home remedy at the time.

As I lay there, I saw a light came in through the bedroom window. I remember thinking it was a car headlight. But then, as a I watched, the light coalesced into a round golden-white ball near the ceiling of the room. It was about the size of a beach ball, I became aware that something within the ball of light was communicating with me. I heard no voice, nor was I afraid. The "feeling" coming from the ball was one of loving, gentle, kindness balanced with extreme intelligence and strength. The consciousness of the ball of light communicated, without words, directly with my inner self and told me that I was a part of a group or species that had been watching over the people on earth since ancient times.

The "communicator" told me that I would have work to do that was integral to something that would happen toward the end of my life. Although I do not remember the specifics of what I was told, I do remember complaining at one point that I would never be able to do what was asked of me, that the job was beyond my capabilities. In reply, I was told that I was not to worry about it, that I would "grow into it."

Up until this point in the experience, I had not been afraid, but had strongly felt I was in the presence of the highest benevolent intelligence one could ever imagine. However, now I felt that the presence had left the ball of light and approached the right side of my bed. It felt like tangible hands were reaching inside my stomach, just above my navel and rearranging or placing something there. I had the strong sensation that my body was expanding like a balloon, getting bigger and beginning to float above the bed.

This frightened me.

I jumped up from the bed and ran screaming into the living room, where my parents sat listening to the radio. My father scooped me up and carried me outside. You would have to know my dad to realize how out of character his behavior was. My dad was emotionally unavailable, physically gone most of the time, and died of alcoholism at the age of 58.

But on this occasion, he stood on the front porch, holding me and pointing up to the stars. I remember my mother followed us as far as the front door, where she stood yelling at my dad, Ermul, do not take her outside. It is too cold. She only has her nightgown on and she has been sick.

My dad ignored her and continued to point out the stars to me. I assumed he was trying to distract me and calm me down, until I heard him say, See up there? See that bunch of stars right there? Right around behind them is where they are from.

A Few Years Later, When I was Nine .....

I was living on a farm near Nevada, Missouri with my parents and two sisters. I awakened during a rainstorm one night to see a face staring at me through my bedroom window. The face belonged neither to a human nor an animal. Although I cannot entirely re-member that face, I do remember the huge, black eyes that bored into me, hypnotizing me and holding me immobile on the bed.

When I first, the face in the window staring at the light beside my bed. As the Being's gaze shifted to me, I perceived it as a palpable thing. The eyes held me to the bed and I could not move. And the eyes were also conveying information on a subliminal level straight into my mind.

I intuitively knew that this Being was not good and I was furious that It would attempt to take me over when I was already aligned with the deeply good Beings who had contacted me when I was three years old.

I struggled as hard as I could and I finally moved one of my fingers. With that, the spell was broken and I tumbled off the bed, took all the covers with me, got my legs tangled in the bedclothes, and fell on my face on the floor.

When I was able to extricate myself and get to my feet, I ran head-long to my parents' bedroom and dived into the space between them on the bed. I was screaming about something looking at me through the window. Dad jumped up and grabbed his rifle and ran out into the rain. For the second time in memory, Dad actually responded to the situation with uncharacteristic compassion. Mother began to reassure me that it was the dog. Our dog at that time was a 25 lb. Spitz/Cocker mix who could not have stood tall enough to reach the window to look through it.

Dad returned to the bedroom and said nothing was out there.

I remembered all this in vivid detail the rest of my life. I'd replay the scene over and over in my mind. But each time I got to the place where I looked at the face, my mind would go blank. It's like my mind was cushioning me from the memory. It drove me nuts trying to remember that face.

Then in 1988, I was living in San Antonio and working for USAA. I was shopping in a mall one day when I happened to walk past a bookstore. There in the window, was a large display of Whitley Streiber's book "Communion" which had just come out. When I saw the face on the cover, I began to have a panic attack and almost fainted in the door of the bookstore. As soon as I recovered my composure, I went into the store and bought a copy of the book. I literally read the first two chapters at red lights on the way home.

I immediately joined MUFON, which at that time was head-quartered in Seguin, Texas about 35 miles from where I was living.

But I'm getting ahead of my story .............

1952 .....

It was 1952, I was 13 years old, and we had just moved to Hayworth, Illinois. Another new school. It was September and school had just started. A lovely, bright and crisp autumn day in Illinois. And our Physical Education class was outside learning how to play tennis.

In the middle of the class, "Something" told me to look up. I looked up and saw an object, then called a flying saucer. It was the color of pewter, not shiny, but metalic looking. It was round and the thin edges of the lower part sloped to a dome on the top. It looked like it was spinning and was sitting in one spot in the air high above me and to my left. With my arm extended, it was about the size of a fifty cent piece held between my fingers.

I had the feeling "they" had just stopped by to say 'hello' perhaps as a familiar gesture since I was (again) the new kid in school and surrounded by strangers.

The teacher called to me to pay attention to the class and I turned my attention back to the class. When I looked up a little while later, the object was gone.

I don't recall mentioning this occurrence to anyone. Not my family or anyone at school. But I was left with a solid impression that the saucers were real and whenever I heard someone in authority snicker when the saucers were mentioned, I always wondered why they had that attitude.